Dharma Lea

Dharma Lea is a small 100% grass-fed family farm in Sharon Springs, New York. The Van Amburgh's milk a small herd of Milking Devon crosses with high quality 100% grass-fed milk being the focus. Our five wonderful children play a very active role in the farm. Phyllis and Grace (13) do the milking and take care of the home and other livestock, Paul does the field work making all the winter feed, Vince (11) does a good share of the equipment maintenance, grazing, and barn feeding/chores, Maggy (7) and Oliver (5) help any chance they get with all of it, and Ruby (3) loves the cows. We have created a place where the excitement and learning about good food, nutrition, stewardship and restorative agriculture are what we do every day together.

We are proud that Dharma Lea was the first farm to ship to Maple Hill Creamery! It is important to us that our nutritious milk is used to make a high quality, full fat yogurt. 

We are pioneers in 100% grass-fed dairy, with years of practice, research, and learning put to test at our own farm. Our soil improvement, grazing techniques, winter feed, breeding and management programs, are all top-notch. We are innovative breeders bringing back the rugged moderate framed dairy cows of the pre-industrial days of dairying. We have been 100% grass-fed for a long time and look forward to continued growth of this new dairy sector and to farmers and consumers alike understanding the important health benefits of grass-fed diary.


- Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh

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